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5 Steps to Take Before a Home Renovation

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4. Set Your Budget

Once you decide upon what you want for your new space, start getting quotes from contractors. You should also price out the materials for parts of the job you’ll be doing yourself. You’ll want to add at least 10 to 25 percent to your existing budget to allow for unforeseen circumstances, according to HouseLogic.com. You can also help save money on a contractor-driven project by purchasing high-ticket items such as appliances and cabinetry yourself.

5. Plan Your Life During the Remodel

Finally, you should not overlook how you’ll live during the remodel period. Will you stay in your home or will you make other living arrangements? If you do plan to stay in your home, which is often the case if you’re doing a lot of the work yourself, you’ll want to make arrangements for handling pets, children, food, dust and debris.

If you keep these planning steps in mind before your next remodel project, you’ll enjoy some peace of mind when you’re actually in the midst of the construction process. You can do this!

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