The Beginner’s Guide To Backpacking In Chile

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The Five Best Cities To Visit In Chile


If you’re flying into Chile, don’t expect to be wowed by the capital, Santiago. Instead, head due west to bohemian Valparaíso, a seaside city sprawled across a series of hills and connected to the coast by funicular railways.

Top attractions in what is indisputably the Chilean capital of cool include wandering through the city’s labyrinth streets admiring the mishmash of graffiti and political painting daubed on buildings at every street, particularly around Cerro Alegre.

You should also learn about Valpo’s most famous former resident, Noble Prize-winning poet, Pablo Neruda at his wacky residence, La Sebastiana on Cerro Florida. The views across the city and down to the coast from his bedroom window take some beating.

Recommendations for places to stay in Valparaíso:

La Valija

Located right in the centre of Cerro Alegre and easily connected to the rest of the city with one of the funiculars, I found La Valija to be a really comfortable and chilled place to stay when I visited Valparaíso. Book it here.

Recommendations for places to eat in Valparaíso:

Casa Cervecera Altamira

We stumbled upon this restobar and were rewarded with craft beer, delicious desserts and jazz music. The rest of the menu looked pretty exciting too!

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